Big Data Tells How Is Buying Behavior of Young People Who Were Born after 1995

By Big Data Tells How Is Buying Behavior of Young People Who Were Born after 1995 Sep 02, 2019

Now, young people who were born after 1995(short for ‘95s)   have reached the age when they can buy and use a car. Different from the people born after 1970 and 1980, who work in a step-by-step manner, as a new human being active in thinking, the ‘95s have different views on cars from others. Recently, Autohome Young Channel launched a study report on how young people to select, to buy and to use a car. Through the analysis on sample size more than 7.6 million young people plus face to face interviews with more than 1,300  people who ‘95s , we present quite a different view to under how 95s buying behavior in an all-round manner.



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1.  People ‘95s became the aborigines of the Internet, and their active network performance also makes them show their unique characteristics in car selection.
2. The demand of
95s for cars is more distinctive, and cars have gradually become the necessities of life of 95s.
3. Chinese brands are becoming more and more popular among
95s. Meanwhile, 95s are no longer limited to the simple offline car purchase behavior, and the social behavior in the process of car purchase is becoming more and more noticeable.

95s : Aborigines of the Internet

“A new day begins at night”, with the increasing popularity of smartphones, more and more young people are eager to use their phones to get the freshest information. The survey has found that 82% of users spend time on the Internet after 10 p.m., of whom, mobile users occupy the mainstream position, the accelerated growth of mobile phone visits and the peak of night activity of mobile users are the true portrayal of young people's living habits.


95s are the aborigines of the Internet,  and they become synonymous with fashion, freedom and individuality. In addition to having a disposition to the hot and interesting browsing content, young users also pay great attention to the car, and the purchase and choice of the car has changed from the original “more important things in life” to the current “buy if you want to”. Automobiles have gradually become the intimate partners of the younger users ‘95s . The improvement of living standard is also changing people’s automobile consumption concept, especially the young users.

Whether consumption or purchasing power, ‘95s have gradually become a new force to support the development of China's automobile market.  With the increase of the frequency of car viewing, buying and using, the knowledge of car brand, safety and functionality has become a required course of their daily attention. The report has shown that, among the more popular hot topics, the ‘95s pay the most attention to automotive knowledge, with more attention than travel, games, photography and other popular information. At the same time, with the gradual enrichment of China’s automobile culture, the pursuit of personality and dissatisfaction with the status has become the era label of young automobile users, more and more young consumers have begun to pay attention to the culture field of automobile modification.


The Demand for Cars is Distinctive

The consumers before 95s pay more attention to the comfort, durability and cost performance of the car when they buy a car. Now, the young users have distinctive demand for buying the car, and 90% of them pay more attention to the appearance of the car. It can be said that the first factor for them to choose a car is the appearance of the car. The report has also mentioned that the age at which users buy cars is getting younger, with 22 percent of the ‘95s already owning their own cars, and that young people who have not bought a car also want to buy their first one by the age of 28. Young users ‘95s  have grown up in a car-owning environment. Cars have become a must in their lives. They are more willing to own their first car as soon as possible.


In the fast-paced fast-food culture, people are more and more accustomed to quickly understand information in a short time, coupled with the advent of the mobile network era, network speed constraints have been completely removed, short video and other younger forms are rising, dry goods, information content is still hard currency. Short essays and small videos about entertainment and life are more capable of satisfying for users' car-watching experience and more likely to trigger social interaction.


●Chinese Brands Are Favored

The moon in foreign countries is not always so round. It has taken more than 20 years for Chinese automobile brands to gradually change the young consumers' concept of buying cars. The development of science and technology and the rapid rise of new energy have provided opportunities for Chinese brands to break through. In terms of car brand, 34% of young users will have limited consideration of buying Chinese brand. Consumers' car buying habits are gradually becoming rational. The development and upgrading of Chinese brand cars have also been recognized by the public, even surpassing some joint venture brands.

When mentioning car viewing and car buying in the past, the first thing you think about is 4S stores. While now, with the emergence of new retail models and the increasing abundance of social networks, the social behavior of young people before buying cars has begun to improve. Buying a car is no longer limited to a single dealer channel. Consumers communicate with car friends before and after buying a car, and obtain information from forums, websites, We Media and other channels, which has become a more popular pre-purchase preparation.


The love of cars by ‘95s was cultivated from childhood, from contact with cars and all kinds of car model toys in their childhood, to communication with car friends online and offline when they grow up, cars are no longer just a commuting tool, how to play with cars, has become a major theme  of car using for contemporary youth. Automobile has gradually become the symbol of young people's car use. From car refitting to car friends’ activities, cars are more like their interest partners. Youth, personality and self-confidence have become the specific manifestation of the demand for automobiles for people ‘95s .

The Editor Has Something to Say

For the new human beings ‘95s , their car purchase concept has entered a new stage. High appearance, personality and sense of science and technology have become the key factors for them to choose and buy cars. Cars are no longer simple walking tools, but inseparable partners in life. The people born after 1970 and 1980 began to grow old slowly, and the ‘95s began to refresh the vane of the car-buying trend gradually, grasping their car-buying needs and preferences have become the focus of brand marketing of various automobile enterprises. In order to impress the hearts of people ‘95s , we have to enter their world. (Text/Autohom/Yan Mingwei)

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