Volkswagen/Ford Reached A New Agreement on Self-driving/Electric Vehicles

By Chen Can Aug 02, 2019

 Recently, Volkswagen and Ford have announced that their global strategic alliance is being further upgraded. According to the official website of the Volkswagen Group, in the field of self-driving, the company will invest 2.6 billion US dollars in Ford's self-driving startup Argo AI to help it develop L4-level self-driving technology; in the field of electric vehicles, Ford will become the first car company to use the MEB modular electric vehicle platform besides the Volkswagen Group.


It is understood that Argo AI is a self-driving intelligent company invested by Ford in 2017. The Volkswagen Group's investment of 2.6 billion US dollars will be divided into two parts. First, the Volkswagen Group will directly inject 1 billion US dollars into the company. In addition, Volkswagen will incorporate Audi's 1.6 billion US dollars self-driving department, AID, into Argo AI.As part of the deal, Volkswagen will buy 500 million US dollars in Argo AI shares from Ford over the next three years, and Ford will continue to fulfill its earlier commitment to invest 600 million US dollars in Argo AI.Argo AI's total valuation will exceed 7 billion US dollars after all transactions are completed.

In the field of electric vehicles, Ford will use Volkswagen's MEB modular electric vehicle platform to build a pure electric vehicle for European consumers, which will begin mass production in Germany's Ford Motor Factory in 2023.According to the plan proposed by the two parties, Ford is expected to deliver 600,000 blade electric vehicles based on the MEB modular electric vehicle platform to European consumers in the next 6 years.


『MEB modular electric vehicle platform』

In this regard, Volkswagen Group CEO Herbert Diess said: "The expansion of the use of MEB modular electric vehicle platform can further reduce the research and development costs of electric vehicles, enabling it to be more widely and rapidly promoted globally. At the same time, it will effectively enhance the market competitiveness and capital utilization rate of Volkswagen Group and Ford Motor, and help both parties further consolidate their position in the industry. "

In other areas that have been finalized before, the cooperation between the two companies will proceed as usual. In the previous agreement, Ford will be responsible for the development and production of medium-sized pickup trucks and large commercial vans, while Volkswagen will be responsible for the production and development of MPV models. It is understood that Ford's medium-sized pickup trucks will be launched in 2022.(From: Volkswagen Group official website; compiler / Autohome Chen Can)

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