Seizing the 5G Opportunity Great Wall Motor Released the Universal Smart Ecological Strategy

By Wang Lin Aug 02, 2019

On July 15, Great Wall Motor's "Universal Smart Ecological Strategy Conference" was held in it headquarter Baoding, Hebei Province. At the press conference, Great Wall Motor officially signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Tencent, Ali, Baidu, China Telecom, China Unicom, China Mobile, Huawei and Qualcomm to seize Opportunity of "5G+AI".


"Moments" of Great Wall Motor


It is reported that Great Wall Motor will excavate in-depth content services with BAT (Baidu/Ali/Tencent) around the ecological aggregation of vehicle services (O2O), Online 2 On Vehicle and Offline 2 Online, so as to provide consumers with a richer vehicle life. Among them, Great Wall Motor and Tencent will mainly cooperate in the fields of smart cockpit, middle office data, digital user operation, travel sharing, etc.; carry out in-depth joint operation with Baidu on the Duer OS; and build the user operation capability of Great Wall Motor with Ali's Amap and its LBS big data.

Cooperate with Unicom/ Mobile/ Telecom around 5G to realize the full-time and on-line function of Great Wall Automobile's product vehicle networking; cooperate with Qualcomm on next generation vehicle intelligent chips; cooperate with Huawei on vehicle intelligence, cloud service and big data.

Great Wall Motor said that the so-called "intelligent network connection" of automobile products was often only reflected in the functionality of automobiles, and provided services to consumers through functional superposition, but consumers themselves did not get a better experience because of the increase in their functionality, Great Wall Motor's "Universal Smart Ecological Strategy" is committed to changing this situation.


Guo Yansong, deputy director of the Great Wall Motor Technology Center

Guo Yansong, deputy director of Great Wall Motor Technology Center, said that the landing of 5G technology provided the technical basis for AI, intelligent driving, big data and so on, while cars become the best scenario for the implementation of the foresight technologies mentioned above. "The new car listed in the third quarter of 2019 will be fully lifecycle online, and in the future, Great Wall Motor will launch a series of products equipped with Internet ecology to provide consumers with intelligent mobile travel services."

In fact, Great Wall Motor has a layout and technical reserve in the intelligent network connection. During the Shanghai Auto Show in April this year, Great Wall Motor reached a strategic cooperation agreement with Qualcomm, China Unicom, and Quectel, Great Wall Motors' strength in 5G and C-V2X has been greatly enhanced by Qualcomm's 5G snapdragon automotive 5G platform and China Unicom's support.

Haver VISION 2025 Concept Car

In June of this year, on CES Asia, Great Wall Motor launched its Haver VISION 2025 concept car, holographic voice robot, holographic vehicle, on-board health detection system and intelligent cockpit and other intelligent configurations. 5G and AI technology began to be reflected in the products of Great Wall Motor.

But as the Great Wall itself said, the so-called "intelligent network connection" is often reflected in the functional aspects and from the Great Wall Motor's "global intelligent ecological strategy" conference, most of what we can see is in the vision stage. In the future, Great Wall Motor will provide consumers with intelligent experience, and we will keep an eye on it. (Text/Autohome , Wang Lin)


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