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  • Welcome Page

    Dear guests, welcome to 818 Global Super Auto Show of Autohome.

    The 818 Global Super Auto Show, adopts cutting-edge technology for 3D virtual pavilion, brings you the super fun of touring, watching and buying cars in the age of intelligence.

  • Exhibition Hall

    Every day from August 8th to August 30th, Autohome will join hands with a car brand, to bring you attractions of exclusive premieres and brand special sales.

  • Activities

    In the activity and gift areas, you can get a red-packet with cash from Autohome and beautiful gifts from the automaker, or participate in the roulette lottery.

    If you are considering buying a car, watch out for flash sales of super sale and coupons on special offers.

  • Introduction to Navigation

    This year's 818 Global Super Auto Show attracts nearly 80 brands and houses 10 main theme pavilions.

    you can switch to Brand Pavilion or Theme Pavilion via Navigation on the right, and you can also simply click site map on the upper left, and skip with one-click to the pavilion you are interested in.

  • Pavilions

    As you step into the Brand Pavilion, models of the brand will explain you the brand, models and activities, and please be reminded that you may interact with car models via video snaps, one-click change dress,

    You can turn on free tour mode with the handle tool in the lower left, or click the auto-roaming in the lower right to start an intelligent tour of the Auto Show under the guidance of the Autohome Secretary.

  • Model Cars

    At the model car stands, car advertisement videos are available, and big names are ready to provide professional introduction,

    As you approach a model stand, the interactive anchor point is automatically triggered, so you can experience its functions of 3D tour, AR tour or panorama interior of model cars.

    If you are considering buying a car, make sure to watch out for event plates at the top of model cars, where there will be a variety of special offers available for you.


Total PV
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Car Series
8 Themed Sections Roll Out All-for-one Event
8/18 Auto Owners’ Day

July 27 - August 15 (Grand feast for one thousand columnists)

On each occasion, 40+ car owners will tour a factory, experience a brand carnival, and forge brand clubs of car owners.

8/18 Fans Festival

August 1- August 30 (Trending show for ten thousand fans)

Ten thousand fans will take the luxurious pleasure of the creativity and inspiration at this gathering. Exhibition stands of main engine plants to connect online and offline sales and make the best use of fans marketing.

8/18 KOL’s Conference

August 2 - August 16 (Grand feast for one thousand columnists)

Grasp the industry front, and discuss the development trend of industry. Focus on value, lead the industry, and create "Davos" in auto content field.

8/18 Short Video Show

August 8 - August 28 (500 million+view counts)

Attractions and popular events to create a revelry of the auto short videos

8/18 Online Auto Show

August 8 - August 28 (Collecting 200 thousand leads)

3-D Show Car Watching, Create Immersive Interactive Experience; New Car Launch, Super Special Selling, Create Global Car Buying Carnival.

8/18 100 Cities Offline Auto Show

August 17 - September 1 (Reaching out to 100 cities to collect 460 thousands leads)

Unanimous actions of one hundred cities take, and auto show carnival at favorite business districts covering new cars and the second hand.

8/18 Evening Party

August 18 (100 million level media exposure)

Prime time of Hunan Satellite, star shows triggering tremendous network flow, and customized cross-device interaction arrangement.

8/18 Summit Forum

August 19 ( 500 participants for the Golden Circle Summit)

Focus on macro/industry trends, trade associations/automakers/media/peak dialogues

Integrated Event of Brand and Marketing


Attendees of Online Auto Show

100million level

Evening Party view counts of Hunan Satellite



80brand manufacturers

Exhibitors are core leading brand manufacturers


Lead collection
Innovative Auto Show

All-for-one Event

Industry big shots, main engine plants, dealers, self-media, prospective buyers and car owners will get together to celebrate this event; special offers on super products, flash sale of cars via discount coupons, shower of red packets with cash, roulette, car-purchasing compliments and other attractions will trigger a national celebration.

Joint Campaign of TV and Website to Create a super IP

Hunan Satellite TV and EE-Media will be fully committed to create a great industry event and unanimous campaign and brand interactions are exclusively custom made.

OMO Full-time-space Experience Marketing

The integrated online and offline marketing, will realize a win-win for both brand and marketing, for online: premieres of super cars, special offers on super brands, and a wide variety of discounts on purchasing cars will trigger a car-shopping spree; for offline: the unanimous campaign in one hundred cities and ten thousand stores, simultaneous offline Auto Show celebrations and invitations to customers to the store, will promote offline transactions.

It Starts from the Auto Show and Goes Beyond

Break the constraints of time and space with step-by-step immersive experience; themed pavilion and heart-admiring pavilion will unshackle constraints of the reality, and innovate experience in touring the show full coverage of 3D tour and AR tour of model cars, and online car appreciation experience will make it as real as it could be.